HRT (Hormones Therapy Replacement)

What is biodentical hormone replacement therapy?

Biodentical hormone replacement therapy with pellets is a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapies. With bio-identical hormones, the structure of the hormone – testosterone, estrogen or both – is matched to the individual patient’s needs. Biodentical hormones are natural, plant-based substances that metabolize in our bodies the way nature intended.


Synthetic hormones are mass-produced and artificially formulated in a lab. Artificial hormones are intentionally manufactured to be slightly different than natural human hormones, so the manufacturer can patent the formulation.

Consequently, synthetic hormones may not provide a good fit or optimum outcome for the human body like bio-identical hormones do.


Research consistently shows pellet implants offer the most effective method to deliver hormones in both men and women. Implanted in the fatty tissue under the skin, pellets release a constant streamof hormones into the body, 24/7/365, most closely mimicking the way the body naturally releases hormones

On average, pellet implants last 5 to 6 months in men ( two visits per year) and 4 to 5 months in women ( three visits per year). Since patients receive a topical anesthetic during the procedure, most can expect to experience little to no discomfort during or after the procedure




Most female patients begin to ¨ feel better within 48 to 72 hours, though it may taken a week or two for some women to notice a difference. Men can expect to experience the benefits of their pellet implants within 1 to 2 weeks. To achieve optimal helath, living a healthy lifestyle – balanced diet and regular exercise – goes hand- in – hand with hormone balance.

EvexiPEL Certified Practitioners treat patients of all ages. The length of your treatment plan and therapy is directly related to how long you want to look and feel your best.

During the patient´s initial consultation, the practitioner will discuss his or her health and conduct a thorough medical exam and tests to determine the root cause of the patient´s health problems.

Research repeatedly links hormone imbalance to an increased risk for cancer, osteoporosis, stroke, thyroid disorders, diabetes, heart disease and other age- related disease processes.

Estrogen loss puts women at risk for premature ovary failure, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer.
Alzheimer’s disease, tooth loss, impaired vision, Parkinson´s disease and diabetes. These risks increase the longer a woman suffers from estrogen deficiency.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is NOT a magic bullet for losing weight, however when hormones are optimized, weight loss efforts typically begin to pay off. Patients still need to eat a balanced diet and exercise, and increased energy levels will help in the tha area!

Hormone imbalance and ” Low T” are by far the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women. By balancing hormone levels with pellet therapy, most EvexiPEL patients have experienced a return of or significant improvement to their sexual libido and function.

Testosterone contributes to healthy skin by aiding oil production, which allows skin to hold on to moisture. Skin can become dry, crepey and dull when testosterone is low.
In addition, testosterone is a natural nlood vessel dilator which facilitates blood flow- contribute to the dewy, rosy, vibrant complexion associated with youth

Testosterone and estrogen can be supplements in the form of pellets, but other hormones may be out of whack, too. Many of our patients also benefit from progesterone and thyroid optimization

Complications from the insertion of pellets may include: minor bleeding or bruising; discoloration of the skin; infection; and possible extrusion of the pellet. Others than slight bruising and skin discoloration, these complications are very rare.

There are currently no known health conditions that exclude a person from undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants. The majority of people with hormone imabalance are great candi-dates for the therapy.