Peyronies Treatment Plan

Shockwave Therapy For Peyronie’s Disease

Focus Shockwave Therapy has been proven effective in breaking up scar tissue as well as the plaque often associated with Peyronie’s. Our Duo Lith SD-1 is not a soundwave machine, it is a more powerful device used to penetrate and focus deep below the surface. At Revify we assign twice the amount of shockwave sessions typically prescribed for Peyronie’s Disease.


Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which fibrous scar tissue forms in the deeper tissues under the skin of the penis causing curved, painful erections. This can prevent you from having sex or it may make it hard to get or keep an erection (also known as erectile dysfunction). Peyronie’s disease may also cause stress and anxiety. Symptoms may start suddenly or appear over time.

Scar tissue.
The scar tissue linked with Peyronie disease also is called plaque. It’s different from plaque that can build up in blood vessels or on your teeth. It can be felt under the skin of the penis as flat lumps or a band of hard tissue. The area over the scar tissue may feel tender.
A bend to the penis.
The penis might curve upward or downward or bend to one side.
Erection problems.
Peyronie’s disease might cause problems getting or keeping an erection. This also is called erectile dysfunction. Often though, people with Peyronie disease say they notice erectile dysfunction before the start of their other penile symptoms.
Shortening of the penis.
The penis might become shorter during erections due to Peyronie disease.
Pain in the penis.
This symptom might happen with or without an erection.
Other changes in how the penis looks.
In some people with Peyronie disease, the erect penis might look narrow or indented. It might even take on an hourglass-like shape, with a tight, narrow band around the shaft.