Prp Hair Restoration

What is platelet-rich plasma therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as autologous conditioned plasma, is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It can be used therapeutically in almost limitless applications.

How does PRP Hair Restoration work?

The platelet-rich plasma that is injected into your scalp works to heal affected areas and stimulate reparative cells through the use of growth factors. Growth factors promote the formation of substances like collagen.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a person’s own blood to promote hair growth. PRP injections are rich in proteins called growth factors, which may stimulate dormant hair follicles when injected into the scalp, encouraging hair regeneration.

A medical professional draws blood from a vein in the arm.

They place the blood sample in a centrifuge.
The centrifuge spins the blood, separating its components.
The platelets are extracted using a syringe.
The platelets are injected into targeted areas of the scalp.

The entire process may take about 1 hour, and several sessions may be necessary.

After receiving PRP treatment, a person can usually return to their regular activities without any limitations.